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Marta Calderero

PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology
Engagement Solution Designer at Motivait
Founder of the DIGO Community and author of the DIGO Method
Member of The Official College of Psychologist: M-32436


Marta Calderero
It is a great joy for me to share with you my experience as a Psychologist - Designer of gamified behaviour change programmes. I hope that my knowledge about this new field would be very interesting and useful for you.

More than 7 years of experience designing psychological prevention and intervention programmes in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology and a master’s degree in Gamification and Transmedia storytelling allows me to be seen as a knowledge expert in Health Gamification.

Currently, I combine the professional practice in Motivait, as "Engagement Solution Designer", with my research career in the group directed by the professor of Psychology Vicente Caballo. Also, I am a assistant professor in the Master on Clinical and Health Psychology and in the Master on Clinical and Health Psychology on children and adolescents at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

I have a strong interest in innovation in the fields of Health Psychology. I am passionate about Digital Health proposals (eHealth) that incorporate the use of new technologies and social networks (mobile applications, wearable technology...) to ensure that the patient has a memorable experience while improving their health and happiness.

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