What is DIGO?

Our mission
DIGO was born with one mission: improve the patient experience. Marta Calderero (PhD in Psychlogy) has developed the DIGO Method, an innovative and effective tool that allows healthcare professionals to incorporate Gamification strategies into their treatments.

Improve the patient experience with the DIGO Method

Increase their participation and enjoyment
Get more involvement during and after the intervention
Strengthen their commitment and close connection

Achieve an entertaining and rewarding intervention in:


Children and adolescents


Young and adults


Get great benefits


"They will live an enjoyable experience."


Gamified Health

Our vision

The challenge of integrating the ludic to the scientific

The design from prevention and intervention programmes is a great challenge.
We obtained very solid and well-founded interventions, but with little acceptance on the part of the patients.
The main causes that reduce the success of the proposals are:
  • Lack of engagement and commitment
  • Lack of motivation when carrying out the therapeutic indications
  • Lack of routine to implement assigned tasks
  • Tedious work tools (eg, dense manuals, unusable records...)
The challenge is to incorporate the ludic component to the scientific, in short, apply Gamification.

Incorporate the Gamification to your interventions

The Gamification is the discipline that uses the game elements (typical of video games) and applies them in non-play contexts for users to enjoy and have more fun.

"Apply the DIGO Method to Health."


DIGO Method

By Marta Calderero
This Method allows to incorporate to the programmes and interventions the 4 key elements of the Gamification: narrative, challenges, energizers and immersive spaces.



Thanks to the different challenges, full of meaning, the participants perform the behavioural objectives easily and achieve great progress.



It involves the experience and links the different challenges; enhancing the interest to participate over time.



Strengthen the immersive experience by adding game elements that generate loops of spare and fun time.

espacios inmersivos

Immersive spaces

They make it easier for the participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience. They can be real spaces (off-line), virtual (on-line) or a combination of both (mixed).




Customizable and easy to implement

It is specially designed to apply the Gamification in Health (Psychology, Medicine, Sports, Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy...).
The DIGO Method allows programmes and interventions to be personalized to each patient or population and applicable in all contexts.


“Committed professionals”


Philosophy and foundations

DIGO is a method of designing gamified programmes committed to the positive and continuous personal growth of the participants, as well as, with the voluntary and transparent change of their behaviour.
infogr eng
It is based, on the one hand, on Positive Psychology (PERMA Model, Seligman, 2011) and Self-Determination Theory (RAM Model, Deci and Ryan, 1985) to ensure an experience of positive personal growth and development adapted to the subject ("User experience"; UX). On the other hand, it is based on behavioural change techniques to generate the desired change in patient-participants.

"Happy patients, future ambassadors."


How can I be part?

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We are a community of psychologists that designs and applies gamified interventions to improve the patient experience.

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We share the same passion for Health Gamification

If you have new ideas or proposals to organize future events, any ideas are welcome! For example, a workshop or webminar that offers psychologists and other health professionals an introduction to the DIGO Method. The participants will learn:
  • How to improve the patient experience using Gamification.
  • Some insights about the foundations of the DIGO Method.
  • Tips to ensure active participation and engagement towards experience.
Any ideas you have, say what they are!

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“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

- John Heywood -

Marta Calderero

Marta Calderero

Founder of DIGO

I am a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology; Designer of gamified programmes to improve the health and well-being of the participants.
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